Client Testimonials

"I have only amazing things to say about Neil Pask and his work on my behalf. His hard work and experience resulted in my DWI charge being dismissed by the court. This was my first offense and a very scary, stressful time for me. However, Neil took the time to help me understand, and I always felt very informed and confident progress was being made. Neil took care of everything, in fact, I only stepped foot in a court room once for hearing about the blood work being dismissed. His professionalism and great knowledge of his field always gave me the utmost confidence and trust in him, and he was able to keep me very informed and clear about my situation along the way. I highly recommend Neil Pask especially for those facing first offence charges."
— Elizabeth

" There is nothing more terrifying than being accused of a crime and I crime that I was completely innocent of. You are up against an institution (the police) whose job is to disprove your innocence. I was referred to Neil and I swear that God led me to him. He was totally professional, knowledgeable, and put me at ease as I faced this charge. The charge was no billed and my case moved for expungement. He was always available and kept me informed, and informed me of what to expect. His fees were reasonable. I will be more careful in the future of who is in my life so I don't expect to have to go through anything like this again....But I will tell everyone that is looking for a criminal attorney Neil Pask is the Very Very Best in Dallas!!!!!! "
— Cynthia

" I never expected to need a criminal attorney, but that changed one evening on my way home when I entered a construction zone with missing and conflicting traffic signs. It was obvious that I needed expert legal assistance.

I knew Neil Pask from the days when he was a top prosecutor in the Dallas County District Attorney’s Office where he served as chief of the DWI section and prosecuted high-profile felony cases including capital murder. He later served as a judge in the Dallas County Criminal Courts. He is held in high esteem by North Texas lawyers, prosecutors and judges.

Neil is an excellent combination of attorney, counselor, advocate, and friend. I appreciated his efforts to keep me informed of all of the developments in my case. When he tried my case, his thorough preparation was evident and it was obvious that he was the best prepared and most skilled lawyer in the courtroom. Not only did Neil win my case, he immediately went to work to have all public records related to my case removed from public access.

If you, or a loved one, need the services of a criminal attorney, I would highly recommend that you contact Neil Pask at your first opportunity. "

— A.M.

" One cold rainy night, I slid my car into some construction equipment parked in the road. I was subsequently arrested for DWI and blew a .11. I couldn't afford a DWI conviction because I would lose my job. I hired Neil Pask to represent me. We tried my case to a jury and they returned a verdict of not guilty. Neil provided me with excellent representation. "
— Andrew

" I recently was arrested for DWI 3rd after I had entertained some family and friends at my home. I hadn’t been in any trouble in over 10 years, but my past came back to haunt me. After reviewing the qualifications of many lawyers regarding my case, I believe God led me to Neil Pask. I had been doing well for many years and had a new house and two kids to show for it. I was afraid I was going to lose everything with a Felony conviction.

When I went to Court, Neil Pask convinced the prosecutor to reduce my case to a Misdemeanor and I received probation. Neil understood my financial situation and allowed me to make monthly payments. I never trusted lawyers, but after working with Neil Pask, I am convinced there are some good ones out there who use their knowledge to help people. God Bless you Mr. Neil Pask. "
— Casey

Dear Neil:

" I want to thank you for handling my case so well. Your professionalism, knowledge and compassion were far beyond anything a client could ever ask for. Your perserverance and success handling my situation was outstanding.

You are truly one of the greatest in your profession! "

— C.D.M.

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