Violent Crime Charges

Aggressive Defense Against Violent Crime Charges

Violent Crimes are the most serious cases handled in the criminal justice system. Police put more time and effort into the investigation of violent crimes and the District Attorney’s office assigns their best prosecutors to handle these cases. You will need someone on your side to make sure that you are well represented. Violent crimes typically involve situations where an individual has sustained or been threatened with serious bodily injury or death. Many of them are punishable by up to Life in the Texas Department of Criminal Justice. Capital Murder carries a possible sentence of death.

Violent Crimes include the following types of offenses:

  • Murder
  • Aggravated Assault
  • Aggravated Robbery
  • Aggravated Kidnapping
  • Capital Murder
  • Aggravated Sexual Assault
  • Attempted Murder

Based on the number of exonerations in Dallas County, history tells us that many individuals have been wrongfully convicted of violent crimes. There is pressure on Judges and Juries to hold people accountable for violent offenses and many innocent people have been convicted based on uncorroborated eyewitness testimony or highly suspect circumstantial evidence and spent many years in the penitentiary. Mistakes are sometimes made on these cases due to the emotionally charged atmosphere surrounding them. Don’t take a chance with the rest of your life. Hire an attorney who has been in these situations many times and has successfully defended individuals charged with violent crimes.

You have a legal right to defend yourself against another’s use or attempted use of unlawful force. If self defense is raised by the evidence at trial, then the Government has the burden of disproving self defense beyond a reasonable doubt. In other words if the Judge or Jury has a reasonable doubt about whether or not you had the right to defense yourself, then they will find you not guilty.

Many people who commit violent crimes may have mental health issues. It is an affirmative defense to any criminal offense that the individual on trial was insane at the time they committed the offense. An individual is deemed to be insane if as a result of severe mental disease or defect they did not know that their conduct was wrong. It is important to have a defendant evaluated by a Forensic Psychiatrist if they were mentally ill at the time of the offense. Neil Pask has successfully handled cases involving violent crime where his client was suffering from severe mental illness and they were found not guilty by reason of insanity.

If you are charged with a Violent crime, contact NEIL PASK immediately. Neil will start working on your case as soon as he is hired. Based on his 18 years of experience in the Dallas County District Attorney’s office and his tenure as a Dallas County Criminal Judge, Neil has the experience and know-how to represent you in order to obtain the best results possible. Many times Neil has been able to secure a “No Bill” from the Grand Jury. Put Neil to work for you today.

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